In 1995 we started with one purpose and mission – to help churches travel more easily and cost effectively.  Core to The Church’s mission  is to love and serve others. We live to enable leaders to be effective in it’s execution.  Traveling with Charter Bus Group your bus transportation experience  is designed around your goals, people, and destination, custom tailored to your desired experience and budget.

California Camps refer Charter Bus Group

Camp confidence in a bus provider is important: Why? Mountain driving is a staple of mountain retreat centers, and Camp Directors and staff meet and interact with more bus companies than individual group leaders ever will.  They meet the best and worst providers and drivers. Because of our proven safety/service track record and friendly staff, Charter Bus Group (previously named Higher Ground Adventures) is the most trusted and referred student travel bus company by camps in California.  Listed below are just several camps that refer Charter Bus Group as their go-to bus rental provider.

Children’s Camp Bus

Children are very special cargo. The needs vary, and many times children’s summer or winter camp is the first time away from mom and dad. Professional drivers, route choices to manage bus sickness, and restroom stops are all things we consider when launching you on your special trip.

Youth Camp Bus

More people transported safely and efficiently, with a great experience. The bus experience is an independent and fun one for students, while very serious for the group leaders. Safety is paramount, and student experience is no less important to the teenagers traveling. We travel to all camp destinations in the Western United States.

Youth / student group travel does not always land you at an established camp. We often get as creative as you are with fun destinations to funky drop off spots:

  1. Water ski destinations
  2. Backpacker drops at point “A” pick up at point “B”
  3. Difficult to access camps and retreat centers
  4. All niter transportation from your location to multiple drops and pick ups (miniature golf, family fun centers, ice rinks, trampoline experience centers, bowling alleys, arcades and more.

Family Camp Bus

You want your group to have a “together” experience, and what better way to do that than a $36 per person “together” ride to camp?

  1. Local camp transfers from Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego to local mountains  San Bernardino, Idylwild and Cleveland National Forest are approximately $1,900-2,100 round trip.
  2. City Departures from areas in Northern California: San Francisco, Sacramento
  3. City Departures from Counties in Southern California: Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.
  4. Destinations in Northern California: Lake Tahoe, Lake Shasta, Yosemite
  5. Destinations in Southern California: Palomar Mountain, Big Bear, Idyllwild, San Bernardino Mountains, Santa Barbara and more.

Mission Trips

Inner-city or across the Mexican border require careful planning and needs assessment. Not all providers are insured to travel across the Mexican Border. Not all providers are prepared to handle the demands of inner city traffic, parking and strategic drop off / pick up logistics on crowded streets or limited access venues. We help you understand the requirements of insurance, along with other important travel considerations when you plan to travel to serve people you’re reaching out to.

Sunday Church Campus Shuttle Solutions

Large campus, remote parking, or special event needs for increased visitor traffic for Christmas Eve, Christmas, or Easter celebrations require a flexible plan.  Your church might have a shuttle, or school bus for moving some people, but adding one bus for a special event needs may make all the difference in the world, for a seamless visitor experience. Add one or 20 mini buses, or a school bus to move people around campus, or from remote parking lots.

You don’t have to be big to call in the help that larger churches do: though we help our customers in larger churches on a regular basis, you don’t have to be big to need professional transportation and shuttle help on your big days.  Saddleback Community Church, Rolling Hills Covenant Church, and Grace Baptist Church have enlisted our services on their big days. We can put our expertise to work for your church community.