California’s Charter Bus Group is the single source provider for event transportation management and bus rentals, headquartered in Orange County, CA. You are the center of our business, and we’re here to serve you as you travel, anywhere in Western United States.

Charter Bus Group was Founded in 1995, as Higher Ground Adventures.  HGA was created to serve the church and school market with ski/snowboard tours and other adventure travel segments.  Higher Ground was re-branded as “Charter Bus Group” in December 2015.  As HGA’s business has evolved over 20 years,  so has our market leadership in our service niche: bus charter rentals.  Our team has spent 20 years streamlining and simplifying our customers’ experience. (Yep, we’re the same experienced crew of service pros.  And as irony would have it, our Chief Evangelist, Matt Wenger, spent 8 years as a Youth Pastor, prior to taking the helm at what is now Charter Bus Group).

So when you ask, “Who is the best bus company in California?” , our customers will simply answer “Call Charter Bus Group”.  (In case you don’t know anyone who has rented a bus through Charter Bus Group, give us a ring or fire us an email, and we’ll give you a list of customers with perfect and imperfect experiences, who are raving fans with honest feedback).

Suzanne Martin

Unforgettable Experiences Specialist

Horse lover, mountain bike rider, donor of organs. I love enjoying all that life and the earth has to offer and am blessed to be able to have a job that allows me to do that.  I have the pleasure of working with genuine and wonderful people and I love what I do for work and pleasure.

Matt Wenger

Chief Evangelist

Describing myself I’d say I’m passionate. I’m a husband, dad to 3 girls, and creative team player.  Outdoor my passion extends to family camping adventures, mountain biking, building communities of genuine people, and lifting myself and others out of their comfort zone to do amazing things. My heart passions thrive on daddy dates with my little (for a minute more) girls, coaching soccer, teaching children at Sunday School, and meeting with friends and colleagues to ask the question, “Am I living the dream?”. The goal: and emphatic “YES!”

Charter Bus Group is a way I get express a HIGH expectation of myself and our partner team to create tangible extraordinary unforgettable life moments, as they travel with their important people.



  • VAVi Sport and Social Club has worked with Charter Bus Group for several years in multiple capacities and have been more than pleased with the quality, service and attention to detail they have provided. From the extremely personable staff to the high standards of their buses, Charter Bus Group has helped create great experiences for the VAVi staff as well as our participants.
  • I did my homework on best price and who would make my life easier. (Charter Bus Group) did both. They are my bus guys!
  • On behalf of Mammoth Mountain, I have worked with (Charter Bus Group) Higher Ground Adventures for more than seven years. Over this time, I have experienced nothing but superior customer service, convenience and safety for our many group guests. Their service to our resort is something that I rely on to transport hundreds of travelers, year round, from throughout California. I enjoy working with Matt and his team and would recommend them highly to both trade and consumer clients.
  • I love working with you. Your company is always very accommodating to our large needs.
  • For the past twenty years I have been taking students on trips, camps, and retreats. Our partnership with Higher Ground has allowed me to put the logistics in trusted hands and focus on the key pastoral roles required to make those events Kingdom centered.  I would highly recommend you put Higher Ground on your team so you can get out of the travel business and back into your pastoral calling.
  • Charter Matt Wenger of HG “gets it”, as a former youth Pastor he is all about saving me time and $, when it comes to planning trips, booking hotels, chartering buses for winter and summer camps and really freeing me up spend time with High school students. Higher ground has been a great resource for my trip planning and booking needs over the past 10 years and I would recommend every youth pastor to utilize their expertise in the area of trip planning/ budgeting/ booking your travel needs, they’re insane. They are super easy to work with and they just  “get it”, when it comes to youth and church ministry!
  • I remember spending hours and hours  researching hotels, arranging transportation, and figuring out meals. With (Charter Bus Group) I just say where I want to go and they do the rest. And the best part, it’s cheaper than if I did it all myself. My winter retreat went from my most stressful trip to my most stress free trip. With (Charter Bus Group) I spending less time on logistics Save time, save money, and saving my sanity, (Charter Bus Group) was an easy choice for me.