Tours and Long Distance Travel

You sleep, we will do the driving.

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Going a long way? We can drive right through, or stop at special locations along the way. Tour bus travel is a great way to enjoy the country, and have the convenience of group transportation with you all along the way.

Drive All The Way Through

If you’re set on a California to Colorado or New Mexico Bus trip, we can drive all the way through. We send a driver ahead (called a leg driver) and switch drivers to get you a fresh and rested driver while you continue the cross country journey.

Stop Along The Way

Have a list of destination stops along the way, performances, or amusement parks or want to do sightseeing on a scenic national park route? Motorcoach travels with us make Multi-day road trip  a sensational solution for the traveling group.

  1. Choir tours
  2. International sightseeing trips to National Monuments
  3. Senior Groups to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park
  4. On the road sports schedule tour.