Deluxe Motorcoaches

Should I rent a deluxe motor coach?

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A motorcoach is a well appointed bus featuring reclining seats, video monitors with DVD players, an onboard bathroom, climate control, overhead bag storage and tons of luggage capacity in under-coach bays. Think of a motorcoach as an airliner on the ground, just supply your own Flight Attendant and travel plans have all the makings of your favorite airline.

Is a deluxe motorcoach best for my event?

If you’re looking for posh and cozy interiors, long drive times, “in-transit” entertainment, or just need your kiddos to have a bathroom available a motor coach is right for you.  Examples of some of our customer’s use of motor coaches are: corporate meetings for sales teams, long over-the-road choir and sightseeing tours, football team and band away games,  philharmonic and plays in Hollywood, airport transfers, church camp transfers, day trips to casinos and student field trips, ski trips to the mountains, or cross country sightseeing trips.


Deluxe Motorcoach Details

  1. Safety- Our first consideration and required as a “given standard”, no matter what style bus your choose.
  2. Comfort and convenience are standard in motorcoaches.
  3. Seating capacity: most are 48 and 56 passengers, however seating varies by make and model.
  4. High end seat comfort of cloth or leather upholstery, finished flooring, arm rests
  5. Long Road Trips- a gentle ride, with all the built in conventions of an airliner
  6. Huge luggage capacity- store ski equipment, luggage, band gear, football pads, or mountain bikes in the luggage bay.
  7. In-transit entertainment on built-in video monitors with DVD players
  8. Manufacturers of these coaches vary in design, and seating capacity. Several motor coach makers we use to serve you are MCA, Prevost and VanHool.