School Bus Rental

Should I rent a school bus?

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Yes, typically they are yellow, feature bench seats, and under seat bag storage. School bus charters are a very simple, cost effective option to getting to your destination.  Ideal for local transfers, camp transfers, and smaller groups not needing extra storage.

Is a school bus best for my event?

“Simple” and “local” are the two best words that describe recommended uses of school buses.  Examples of some of our customers who rent school buses: festival and special event shuttles from remote parking locations, class field trips, soccer, basketball and volleyball away games,  youth group all night events, short hotel shuttles to restaurants, airports, or off-site meeting locations, along with any event transportation requiring a smaller budget than motorcoaches.


School Bus Details

  1. Safety – Our first consideration and required as a “given standard”, no matter what style bus your choose.
  2. Versatile and functional – put in design terms a school bus is a great fit, if you prefer “function” over “form”
  3. Bench seats
  4. Seating capacity 30 to 78 seats – depending on number of bench seats on an a bus and size of travelers. 2 adults per bench seat, however many elementary groups are happy to expand their seating capacity by having children sit 3 to a seat.
  5. Driver certification – School Bus Drivers carry a “School Bus Driver Certificate”, the highest requirement for a bus driver in California, so you can be assured your group is in qualified hands (Health, background checks, driver certifications are all part of this criteria).
  6. Often lack climate control
  7. Limited luggage capacity – School buses have a varying limited storage capacity ranging from  0 to about 20, 40, and some as large as 90 cubic Feet. (For reference 90 cubic feet typically will hold 30 to 35 medium duffle bags).