If you’ve considered hiring a charter bus for your group excursion recently, you’ll appreciate the exceptional high tech capabilities of vehicles used by California’s Charter Bus Group! The buses provide customers with reliable transportation with excellent services. You’ll appreciate the ability to obtain high tech options for charter bus WiFi connectivity and USB ports to re-charge mobile devices during travel with select charter bus models. When passengers consider their experiences riding in a chartered bus, the luxury of the surroundings often contributes to their impression of the trip. Charter Bus Group ensures your rental buses (whether full-sized or small) provide modern, comfortable accommodations with select amenities included or available on request.


Stay connected or enjoy streamed content as you travel. Access the Internet on demand to plan your next stop while allowing group to re-charge their mobile phones and other devices.  California’s Charter Bus Group strives to help you make a truly outstanding impression when you rent our well-maintained vehicles for your group. As an experienced charter provider, we know the value of superb customer service!

Enjoy Modern Amenities

Of course, a lot of high tech capabilities won’t matter if the tour bus itself fails to perform well. We understand the importance in providing charter mini-buses and full-sized buses in excellent condition. Because of regular maintenance throughout the year, our buses provide smooth rides and are dependable. These vehicles can tackle all seasons’ mountain roadway conditions. You’ll also appreciate the attractive, clean vehicle interiors.  When you use one (or more) of our vehicles for your next charter group, passengers will quickly notice the comfort of their travel accommodations. Our bus interiors make an excellent first impression! The availability of several additional high tech communication and infotainment amenities, such as WiFi or USB charter bus outlet ports, gives an additional level of comfort. Leather seats, power outlets, fabric reclining seats, seatbelts, and many more options can make your road-sickness a thing of bus trips gone by.

WiFi: An Essential Technology Feature Today!

Most groups chartering buses or minibuses today appreciate the ability to utilize WiFi to enjoy Internet connectivity during travel. Whether you choose to keep in close communication with a tour organization during the course of your journey, or you simply wish to enjoy streamed music or infotainment while traveling, this features holds broad appeal. A WiFi enabled charter buses allow the use of many types of high tech devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, it remains important to recognize some of the limitations of WiFi capabilities for many mobile devices: these tools won’t necessarily function well in every type of terrain. The availability of charter bus WiFi will depend upon the region, so each group should take the time to confirm the details surrounding this feature well in advance to avoid disappointment later. Today, online connectivity enhances many charter group excursions in California, contributing significantly to passenger enjoyment.

Consider Charging a Laptop As You Travel

The availability of 110v outlets and USB Ports during charter mini-bus and bus tours enables members of a group to re-charge items of mobile technology conveniently while traveling. This feature contributes to the experience during a charted excursion. For instance, if you plan to relax during a ski trip into the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, taking along a fully charged mobile phone during your visit to a remote destination often proves quite useful. If members of a charter group become separated, a functional cell phone helps them re-unite more easily prior to the return leg of the journey. No one appreciates lengthy departure delays caused by a member of the party forgetting to charge a cell phone or other mobile device! When you arrange to charter a bus or mini-bus, ask your provider if they will have outlets on your coach. Ask us about power port availability in advance of your chartered bus trip, so everyone in your group can focus upon fun-filled recreation on the ski slopes instead of worrying about mundane communications details and charging options!

Impressive Technology Capabilities Over The Road

Consider chartering a comfortable, modern mini-bus or full-sized bus equipped with all the in-demand high tech capabilities your group prefers. Today, its impressive connectivity features make WiFi a highly desirable option for most chartered excursions. Built-in communications capabilities in the vehicle assist sponsors as they strive to furnish pleasant infotainment options for their members, for instance. Whether your passengers choose to listen to streamed music or educational content, or to watch video presentations while traveling, the availability of these options promotes satisfaction. You’ll appreciate the great feedback you receive as a charter sponsor by taking the time to ensure your group members obtain access to all the technology and communications charter bus outlet features they prefer. During previous eras, passengers sometimes regarded riding on a chartered bus as a boring experience. Today, the trip itself should prove both relaxing and very enjoyable!


We pay attention to the technology needs of passengers and want to provide the services you desire to ensure a comfortable, dependable, and connected ride. By hiring a luxurious California Charter Bus Group vehicle, you’ll make a wise investment in your trip ahead!


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