Charter bus rentals are a big part of tours and church, school, sports, corporate, wedding, and charitable events. One of the biggest questions associated with renting a charter bus is, how much does a charter bus cost to rent? While there isn’t a simple, straight forward answer to this questions, a charter bus rental cost depends on several factors:

. Mileage to be traveled
. Round trip or one way destinations
. Current fuel costs
. Duration of the trip in hours or days
. Size of the charter bus required such as full size, van, double decker or mini bus
. Driver costs and expected road toll costs

Charter Bus Rental Estimates

To determine the charter bus rental cost, it is necessary to consider other luxury features desired such as onboard bathrooms, WiFi access and USB outlets, DVD players, and luggage storage capacity. These are some of the basics upon which charter bus rental prices are developed. The actual charter bus rental prices depend on these and other features specifically requested by a group or organization.


Deluxe charter buses (i.e. motorcoaches) costs vary by region, mileage, and several of the factors above, but on average, our packages start at the following:

  • 5-hour minimum starts at $650
  • 10-hour day starts at $1,000
  • Airport transfer starts at $400

How to Avoid Unnecessary Charter Bus Costs

Luxurious, 45+ passengers charter buses/motorcoaches may not be for every party. They are designed for long distance, comfortable tours and often come with additional amenities and excessive storage capacities. If you’re looking for transportation to and from local venues, a chartered motorcoach may not be the best option for your group. To avoid unnecessary costs, choose a bus type that provides and addresses your specific needs and ensure you compare amenities included or excluded in the costs. It may be a good idea to compare costs of luxury charter buses with standard charter buses so that the needs of each group or organization member is met and costs do not exceed budgets per person.

Charter Bus Rental Can Cost Less that Other Types of Travel

Corporate event planners often choose charter buses over other types of transportation because it is can be more economical and also allows employees of a business to continue to work as they travel in comfort to the corporate event.

In addition to convenience, comfort and amenities, rental costs for charter buses create attractive travel packages.

How to Plan for Charter Bus Rentals

To help you plan for your charter bus rental, confirm the date of the trip or tour, the secured number of bus occupants and duration of charter bus rental use. This helps formulate the estimated costs involved in the rental. Charter bus rentals are fairly easy to find online and off. Once basic details of the type of charter bus are determined, it is easier to give you a more accurate quote.


Availability and location of charter bus rentals will also affect pricing. For instance, travel in summer months by charter bus is usually heavier than in winter months, depending on the particular climate. This is also true for holiday seasons. Also, charter bus rental prices to a resort outside of the state may cost more than a resort located within the state.

When you’ve gathered the preliminary information mentioned above, the quickest method to get a free quote is to fill out a form here or call us directly 888-442-9865.