Charter Bus Bathrooms: Travel in Greater Comfort Across California

Consider Hiring a Modern Bus

If your group has considered hiring a charter bus for trips in California, you’ve probably noticed California’s Charter Bus Group. We furnish buses and mini-buses of many sizes, including vehicles equipped with bathrooms. Including this important amenity can contribute significantly to the comfort level of your passengers and staff. Today, anyone taking a trip to go skiing in the Sierra Nevada Range or to visit a casino or other recreational facility must consider the importance of public accommodations. Some individuals, especially seniors, may require access to bathroom facilities frequently for medical reasons. A long bus trip becomes much easier and hassle-free when people on the bus can depend upon the immediate availability of a clean, modern restroom on-board the vehicle. By making a decision to select a bus charter company which furnishes a clean, modern charter bus bathroom in the rental vehicle, your enterprise or organization demonstrates concern for the well being of its customers. Your decision to spend a bit more to provide a higher level of personal comfort will please your passengers with on-board bathrooms!


Reduce Delays

One very practical reason for making sure your charter vehicle includes one or more bathrooms on board the vehicle involves adhering to a charter tour itinerary. You may discover that in the absence of furnishing this important amenity, your tour must provide frequent stops to accommodate passengers. This situation involves two distinct drawbacks. First, pulling over repeatedly for restroom breaks delays the group’s arrival at an intended destination, often by a considerable period of time. Since many tours depend upon the services of staff members who work “on the clock”, the sponsor ultimately pays costs associated with these periodic delays in the form of additional salary expenditures. You may need to budget for a longer charter trip if your group requires numerous rest stops during the course of a long journey. Second, some parts of California still include extensive stretches of remote countryside. This situation may require your tour to detour miles out of its way in order to locate suitable accommodations for a large group seeking a restroom break. If instead you make clean, modern bathrooms available on the bus itself, your group may avoid the need for extended layovers and detours from the travel route. You’ll reduce bus fuel expenses and enjoy the ability to follow a more direct route to your group’s ultimate destination. Allow your passengers to appreciate the beauty of the California countryside while you select more direct, scenic roadways without having to consider the availability of bathroom accommodations when refueling the bus!


Avoid Discomfort

Of course, probably the most important reason to choose a California Charter Bus Group vehicle with on-board restroom facilities relates to your organization’s interest in furnishing a very comfortable tour vehicle for your passengers and staff members. Most people have experienced the discomfort of having to use the bathroom unexpectedly. During a group excursion, potentially embarrassing situations arise sometimes when a charter bus operator fails to furnish this important amenity on the vehicle. By making a modern, sanitized restroom available for the comfort and convenience of your group, you’ll contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of the tour. You’ll also gain the flexibility to transport passengers who might otherwise hesitate to sign up to participate in a chartered tour. For instance, some seniors enjoy spending leisure time at casinos or ski lodges. Yet many of these individuals take prescription medications which may necessitate frequent access to bathrooms. By ensuring that your chartered vehicles supply this essential amenity, you’ll enhance the popularity of your tour packages and sell more tickets! Caring for the well being and comfort of your passengers ultimately translates into a smart business practice. Additionally, although (unfortunate) medical emergencies rarely occur during travel, it can sometimes prove exceedingly important to possess ready access to restroom facilities. If for example one of your guests become acutely ill and begins vomiting, you’ll appreciate your foresight in selecting a bus with an immediately accessible bathroom. Don’t overlook the importance of including this amenity when your review prospective charter buses!


An Intelligent Business Decision

The selection of a charter vehicle equipped with a charter bus bathroom assists charter tour staff members, as well as passengers. Unlike people attending a fun recreational excursion, these individuals carry responsibilities during the journey. They need to remain available (and accessible) to respond to passenger inquiries, troubleshoot problems arising during the trip and resolve complaints quickly. You won’t know how many demands passengers in the group will impose upon these individuals when the charter sets out! Especially if you transport a group of people requiring assistance from staff members, such as medically frail individuals or guests who require translation services, you’ll want to take steps to ensure your staff members remain responsive during stops. They cannot pay attention to your customers effectively if they find themselves waiting in long lines for extended periods simply to access a restroom! By selecting a well-furnished, modern charter bus from the Charter Bus Group, you’ll gain the assurance that your employees and volunteers can use bathroom facilities during the journey conveniently. When they perform their jobs during the excursion, they’ll enjoy the ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand without distractions. Wise business planners give serious consideration to the comfort levels of these individuals during chartered tours! Make the commitment now to support your excellent staff members and volunteers by providing them with genuinely comfortable travel accommodations.


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Ski and Snowboard Group Trip Planning Guide

This Ski and Snowboard Group Trip Planning Guide will make your planning easy.

When  you’re planning a trip, some of the smallest details can feel like big hurdles. We’ve been working with groups since 1995 as they travel to the mountains and get ready for their bus ski trips to many Western US resorts including: Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain, Tahoe, Powder Mountain, and other Utah destinations.

It’s not a small task, but it’s 100% achievable, especially if you’ve already got your winter driving needs covered with our charter buses and professional drivers…then the rest is simply checking off the below boxes.


The key to a successful trip is planning!

Get organized early. Make a master calendar, which includes:

  • Payment dates
  • Due Dates for student deposits and final payments
  • Rental information
  • Additional travel needs besides your bus (es) (plan for borrowed vehicles, etc)
  • Dates when your information must be faxed or sent to resorts for lift tickets, and room lists
  • All Critical dates* Typically when payments are due, etc, but remember to review your contract documents.

Create a Winter Trip Operations File– Keep all trip info in the same place.

TRIP PRICING: Make sure that your “per person” price is correct. It is important to set a price that is high enough to cover all of your costs, but low enough that it is attractive to the participants (and their friends).

 How to set a price-

We have invoiced the portion of your trip you requested. REMEMBER, LIFT TICKETS AND SOME MEALS, ETC MAY NOT BE INCLUDED, DEPENDING ON YOUR CONTRACT.   Now you need to add buffer budget for staff, scholarships, miscellaneous food, additional transportation, programming, etc.  LEAVE A BUFFER!

STUDENT DEPOSITS / PAYMENTS: SET YOUR PAYMENT DATES EARLY, as participants are less likely to cancel their reservation if they are committed via the almighty dollar. Humans historically like to wait until the deadline to commit to events and trips. By asking your group to give initial payments you’ll save yourself countless headaches and money down the road.

Make a budget and stick with it! Increased costs make trips go “in the hole”. (ex. T- shirts, key-note speakers, rental vehicle costs, driver’s gratuity


You will  need to send the following info:

  • A detailed itinerary of when you will need the bus (departure time, and other during trip specifics – transfers to mountain, conference space, )

****A note on how to have a great experience with Bus drivers****

  • Introduce
  • Review your trip with
  • The bottom line: driver will work with you, and you are their buffer between your travelers and the driver.  Sometimes drivers need a little extra love, and sometimes travelers need a little grace from the driver. Hey, we’re all human. Communication will help all of this.


Collect a tip for the driver: $50-$80/day is a good guideline.



  1. Place the dates for deposit / cancellation dates on your
  2. Payment dates also equal decision dates: we’ll need to know your
  3. Failure to meet those dates and will result in potential losses

When you operate according to schedule and keep us as your bus provider, and other contractors, hotels, resorts, meeting spaces and meal providers informed we are much more able to work with you, should you experience changes;  a drop or increase in numbers, intermittent whether a delayed departure or late arrival.


Most SKI RESORTS: Require your lift ticket order TWO (2) weeks prior to your trip. Email or fax your order form on time. Check with the resort you’ll be traveling to for details.


SKI/SNOWBOARD RENTALS: Some of the people in your group are going to need rentals. You have two options:

  1. Rent at home before you leave: we recommend this.
  2. Rent at the mountain: Call your ski resort regarding rental arrangements, they can send you rates and order sheets.

We look forward to serving you with transportation, and are happy to lend a hand in your winter trip planning. We want your trip to be an amazing experience as we work together.

Please feel free to contact us as we plan.

It’s going to be an epic winter. And it just got easier.


10 Tips for Group Snowboard Ski Trip Planning

10 Tips for Group Snowboard Ski Trip Planning to make the Best Snowboard Group Trip in California

There’s lots of ways to go about getting travel information on the web as you plan your individual trip. , , or straight up “googling”  ” Best Snowboard Group Trip in California “.


Regardless of your approach, you already know (or have a vague idea) of what you need, want, and how much coin you think your group can muster on a budget. Here’s a few tips to make this your Best Group Snowboard  Ski  trip ever, as you gather your information and pull together data.

  1. List your group’s purpose: Why are you going? When you know what you want to accomplish, the choices become much more obvious for your Group Snow Travel Expert.Snow, conference, business meetings, youth group trip with skiing/snowboarding as a sidenote.  Is it an all out ski trip , so a Deer Valley ski-only destination will work, or a die-hard snowboard trip where a June Mountain Transworld Park rating in top 10 North American Parks matter?
  2. When can you travel to the snow: Are you open to Off-peak times, midweek, or early late season deals? Or do you have to travel on President’s Weekend, or Martin Luther King 3 day weekends? (Hint: you can save thousands on midweek and offpeak group and individual travel) which brings us to point number 3.
  1. Determine your ski group ski snowboard travel budget: Can your group afford $1000/person for a 5 day super adventure to Powder Mountain, and throw in an optionalheli-ski for fresh-tracks, or is it a local cram in 1 cabin for a night or two and a possible lift ticket option at a smaller local resort like Bear Mountain or Snow Summit in Big Bear, California?

Set a realistic budget so you can get the most participation for your group, or bang for your buck for your corporate ski trip.

  1. Get your goals in front of a qualified group vacation planner: Group Travel holds lots of  location, budget and planning pitfalls. Individual trip planning through the usual web suspects is pretty easy. (Sadly i even do it, when I am going somewhere I’ve not been before to get deals and local intel).

The truth is Group Planners like Charter Bus Group, and others, can make your planning result in a successful group event where you have a great time accomplishing your groups purpose.

  1. Book now:Notice I did not say early. You can always block a snowboard or ski group trip (almost always), especially if your flexible on dates. The important part is that you need to lock in your rates, and dates so you can promote. You won’t have real rates until you lock in your dates.
  2. Get the word out: Once you’ve booked, and set your budget get those guys up to speed and SECURE THEIR COMMITMENT WITH A DEPOSIT.

Make it a Christmas gift option, a layaway plan, or a price point encouragement to sign up early. The best bet is to stir their energy, show them pictures, share your previous trip experience, then get them in, so they can budget and join in on the fun.

  1. Know your Cancellation for Hotel, etc: It’s just your parachute, but better a parachute to know when you might be in trouble, than a base jump with no landing plan.

Groups loose thousands of dollars each year, by not knowing when to change their number from 40-30 and drop 3 hotel rooms. Be smart and realistic.  After all your travel agent would rather save you money and headache, than have you have a horrible, money losing experience.

  1. Plan your Transportation Details:Are you driving? Have chains? Any late check in instructions you should be aware of, if you’re driving all Friday night to arrive at 1am. How much time do you need to get to the airport? Any extra fees for carrying your skis/snowboard on the plane?
  2. Finalize your group lift ticket (usually required 2 weeks in advance)– The reason you save money on group tickets, is because it’s prebought, and the ticket desk does not have to deal with mummified skiers or boarders in their lift lines slowing down their morning operation.

So once again: get your peoples money in hand, know what tickets you need, and place that order. They’ll be sitting their nicely bundled and easy to distribute when you arrive.

  1. Just get out there and enjoy the snow:When you get there, the work should be behind you (or left in the conference room for business discussions, while you re-energize on the slopes before the next meeting). There’s one reason Charter Bus Group is Here! So you can get out and play.

No headaches, hassles or forgotten details.

We’re here for your next adventure. Corporate trip, group ski trip with friends, a family ski trip, or a a church group ski trip.  You should always get a great rate and service with whomever you choose! And above all else a great experience.

Check out your desired winter destinations decide where you’d like to go, then lock in your dates, rates, and details.

Simply get a bus transportation quote from us.  

NEXT STEP?: Click Here to get a group proposal sent your way, to make your ski trip get some snow legs today.