Every bride wants to make her wedding day a memorable day, for herself and her guests. There are so many great ideas for how to make your wedding day amazing and it can be a challenge to pinpoint the most important elements to include. Your wedding day transportation will make all of the difference in your guests’ overall experience, and renting a school bus will make it a day they won’t soon forget.


The Ceremony

Of all of the things the guests will cherish and remember the most, it is your ceremony. Seeing the expressions of love on your faces and sharing in your special moment is a once in a lifetime experience. Many recently married women report that the details that went into planning the ceremony really paid off when it came to making the wedding memorable.

Getting to the wedding ceremony site on time and in style is essential. By renting a school bus, you can give your wedding a fun and whimsical touch. Your bridal party will love bouncing around town in your school bus adorned with wedding decorations. If you have a large wedding party, a school bus means that there is room for everyone, with space to spare.


The Photos

Of all of the things that will have a lasting impression, your photos are at the top of the list. You will be able to look back at them for years to come, remembering the wonder and emotion of your day. Having your school bus as a backdrop for your photos will make your photos even more amazing. Imagine having the yellow painted bus as a focal point against your dress and that of your bridesmaids. A yellow school bus is the excellent complement to fall photos, and has a sunny personality in summer pictures. Your photos will recall memories of school days and will serve as not only a prop in your pictures, but nostalgia about life as well.

Many brides and grooms find that school buses make it easier to get the entire bridal party to photo locations following the wedding. Instead of waiting for every member of the bridal party to get into their cars and drive individually to another location, they simply use the school bus and travel together. This means you can get pictures taken quicker and spend more time mingling with guests at your reception.


The Reception

The reception is the time to kick up your heels and celebrate your union with your friends and family. One of the things that guests most appreciate is transportation from the ceremony site to the reception site. If you are not holding your wedding and reception in the same place, consider hiring a school bus to transport your guests. Since school buses can hold up to 58 passengers, you will only need a few buses, even if you have a large wedding. For guests with mobility issues, you may hire smaller motorcoaches, or school buses that can accommodate wheelchairs. When you are considering ways to make it easy for your guests to get to your reception, consider a wedding school bus rental.

Guests love not having to get back into their cars to drive to another location after your wedding. By providing a means of transportation, your guests will be able to enjoy themselves at your reception and enjoy alcohol without worrying about immediately driving home.


The Pre-Wedding Parties

The pre-wedding parties are a way for the bride and groom to enjoy a few last celebrations before settling into married life. Renting a school bus to transport you and your fellow party goers around town is a fun way to get to your destinations safely. Wedding school buses are also great if you plan to be drinking and don’t want to worry about designating a driver. Your friends will have a great time taking photos in front of the bus and sharing their photos on social media.

Some brides will also use school buses on the day of the wedding to transport everyone to wedding day appointments. They use the buses to transport everyone from the hotel to the nail salon, hair salon and to pick up dresses and accessories for the wedding. They may also use them to pick up other members of the wedding party like parents of the couple, flower girls, ring bearers and other attendants. A school bus is not only fun, but functional, especially on a wedding day when time is short.

Some brides and grooms schedule bachelor and bachelorette weekends that take them on getaways where they can bond and enjoy a fun experience before the wedding. School bus shuttles and transport are best for local transport; we suggest no more than two hours away from your departure to location. There are two major amenities that school buses lack…air conditioning for the hot months, and bathrooms for your guests.  School buses are best for short trips only.


Wedding School Bus Rental and Parking

If you are having your wedding in a city location that has limited parking, you can use school buses as shuttles to take your guests from parking lots to the ceremony and reception site. Because school buses can hold up to 58  guests at a time, you can avoid guests having to wait as buses fill up. Schedule the buses to pick up at the parking lot at designated times to make it easier for your guests to get to the ceremony on time. Nobody wants to be driving around looking for parking and miss the ceremony. Rent buses and give your guests the peace of mind that their cars are safe and that they can get to the ceremony on time.

When you want to enjoy a memorable wedding that neither you or your guests will soon forget, consider a school bus rental for wedding. Whether you want to use it to get the bridal party to the church on time or to transport your guests to the reception site, you will find that school buses are both fun and convenient. Rent your wedding school bus today.

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