Summer Camp is awesome! As a kid I never considered the bus budget or quality of the buses I traveled on.

Many of my favorite kid-memories started and ended on a bus.  I can still feel the adrenaline and expectation of loading the summer camp bus. Mom and Dad waving goodbye.  Running into the 7-Eleven  “investing” my $5 spending money for the ride. Snickers, Twinkies and a Coke was a prerequisite to getting on the bus…racing to sit next to friends, and planning our assault on the camp lake row boats. After camp, we swapped legends of heroic launches off the diving board, and our red team dragging the blue team through the mud on the other end of the tug-o-war line.

Saddleback Church Summer Camp
Camp for Saddleback Community Church starts with a phone call, and ends with 25 buses staged and loading in grand fashion. –
“I love working with (you). Your company is always very accommodating to our large needs”
–Alaina Hart / Saddleback Church

I planned for different things then than I do now.

AS A PARENT. Now I think about safety, chaperone ratios, and if the driver has a habit of texting or talking on the phone while driving.

AS A CHARTER BUS PROVIDER. I care about quality, clean safe equipment. No matter what size, color, school bus, or motorcoach; I strive to provide the best. It’s critical we partner with companies that get great reviews.  and follow up with our customers to assure the experience was all we promised and that our partners committed to provide.

Summer is gone, but not forgotten, and will be back before you know it. As a planner you know the importance of bus budget and quality.

The best advice we can offer to help you win with your Bus Budget and Quality Experience

Book your Bus Early.

There are a few reasons:

  1. Availability is best now, rather than last minute
  2. With better availability comes better prices for your bus budget
  3. Prices now reflect this year’s rates. Booking now can improve the “cost factor” by locking in next year’s bus contract at this year’s rates
  4. Booking ahead helps you set the bus budget, and allocate the right resources and price your “bus ticket” prices as you begin to market your trip or set your department’s budget.

So, as the camps are announcing their dates, and restaurants are accepting Christmas and Year End party reservations, you should be reserving the buses you will need.

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