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Charter Bus Rental Cost

Charter bus rentals are a big part of tours and church, school, sports, corporate, wedding, and charitable events. One of the biggest questions associated with renting a charter bus is, how much does a charter bus cost to rent? While there isn’t a simple, straight forward answer to this questions, a charter bus rental cost depends on several factors:

. Mileage to be traveled
. Round trip or one way destinations
. Current fuel costs
. Duration of the trip in hours or days
. Size of the charter bus required such as full size, van, double decker or mini bus
. Driver costs and expected road toll costs

Charter Bus Rental Estimates

To determine the charter bus rental cost, it is necessary to consider other luxury features desired such as onboard bathrooms, WiFi access and USB outlets, DVD players, and luggage storage capacity. These are some of the basics upon which charter bus rental prices are developed. The actual charter bus rental prices depend on these and other features specifically requested by a group or organization.


Deluxe charter buses (i.e. motorcoaches) costs vary by region, mileage, and several of the factors above, but on average, our packages start at the following:

  • 5-hour minimum starts at $650
  • 10-hour day starts at $1,000
  • Airport transfer starts at $400

How to Avoid Unnecessary Charter Bus Costs

Luxurious, 45+ passengers charter buses/motorcoaches may not be for every party. They are designed for long distance, comfortable tours and often come with additional amenities and excessive storage capacities. If you’re looking for transportation to and from local venues, a chartered motorcoach may not be the best option for your group. To avoid unnecessary costs, choose a bus type that provides and addresses your specific needs and ensure you compare amenities included or excluded in the costs. It may be a good idea to compare costs of luxury charter buses with standard charter buses so that the needs of each group or organization member is met and costs do not exceed budgets per person.

Charter Bus Rental Can Cost Less that Other Types of Travel

Corporate event planners often choose charter buses over other types of transportation because it is can be more economical and also allows employees of a business to continue to work as they travel in comfort to the corporate event.

In addition to convenience, comfort and amenities, rental costs for charter buses create attractive travel packages.

How to Plan for Charter Bus Rentals

To help you plan for your charter bus rental, confirm the date of the trip or tour, the secured number of bus occupants and duration of charter bus rental use. This helps formulate the estimated costs involved in the rental. Charter bus rentals are fairly easy to find online and off. Once basic details of the type of charter bus are determined, it is easier to give you a more accurate quote.


Availability and location of charter bus rentals will also affect pricing. For instance, travel in summer months by charter bus is usually heavier than in winter months, depending on the particular climate. This is also true for holiday seasons. Also, charter bus rental prices to a resort outside of the state may cost more than a resort located within the state.

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Rent a Charter Bus with WiFi Capabilities and USB Outlets in California!

If you’ve considered hiring a charter bus for your group excursion recently, you’ll appreciate the exceptional high tech capabilities of vehicles used by California’s Charter Bus Group! The buses provide customers with reliable transportation with excellent services. You’ll appreciate the ability to obtain high tech options for charter bus WiFi connectivity and USB ports to re-charge mobile devices during travel with select charter bus models. When passengers consider their experiences riding in a chartered bus, the luxury of the surroundings often contributes to their impression of the trip. Charter Bus Group ensures your rental buses (whether full-sized or small) provide modern, comfortable accommodations with select amenities included or available on request.


Stay connected or enjoy streamed content as you travel. Access the Internet on demand to plan your next stop while allowing group to re-charge their mobile phones and other devices.  California’s Charter Bus Group strives to help you make a truly outstanding impression when you rent our well-maintained vehicles for your group. As an experienced charter provider, we know the value of superb customer service!

Enjoy Modern Amenities

Of course, a lot of high tech capabilities won’t matter if the tour bus itself fails to perform well. We understand the importance in providing charter mini-buses and full-sized buses in excellent condition. Because of regular maintenance throughout the year, our buses provide smooth rides and are dependable. These vehicles can tackle all seasons’ mountain roadway conditions. You’ll also appreciate the attractive, clean vehicle interiors.  When you use one (or more) of our vehicles for your next charter group, passengers will quickly notice the comfort of their travel accommodations. Our bus interiors make an excellent first impression! The availability of several additional high tech communication and infotainment amenities, such as WiFi or USB charter bus outlet ports, gives an additional level of comfort. Leather seats, power outlets, fabric reclining seats, seatbelts, and many more options can make your road-sickness a thing of bus trips gone by.

WiFi: An Essential Technology Feature Today!

Most groups chartering buses or minibuses today appreciate the ability to utilize WiFi to enjoy Internet connectivity during travel. Whether you choose to keep in close communication with a tour organization during the course of your journey, or you simply wish to enjoy streamed music or infotainment while traveling, this features holds broad appeal. A WiFi enabled charter buses allow the use of many types of high tech devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, it remains important to recognize some of the limitations of WiFi capabilities for many mobile devices: these tools won’t necessarily function well in every type of terrain. The availability of charter bus WiFi will depend upon the region, so each group should take the time to confirm the details surrounding this feature well in advance to avoid disappointment later. Today, online connectivity enhances many charter group excursions in California, contributing significantly to passenger enjoyment.

Consider Charging a Laptop As You Travel

The availability of 110v outlets and USB Ports during charter mini-bus and bus tours enables members of a group to re-charge items of mobile technology conveniently while traveling. This feature contributes to the experience during a charted excursion. For instance, if you plan to relax during a ski trip into the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, taking along a fully charged mobile phone during your visit to a remote destination often proves quite useful. If members of a charter group become separated, a functional cell phone helps them re-unite more easily prior to the return leg of the journey. No one appreciates lengthy departure delays caused by a member of the party forgetting to charge a cell phone or other mobile device! When you arrange to charter a bus or mini-bus, ask your provider if they will have outlets on your coach. Ask us about power port availability in advance of your chartered bus trip, so everyone in your group can focus upon fun-filled recreation on the ski slopes instead of worrying about mundane communications details and charging options!

Impressive Technology Capabilities Over The Road

Consider chartering a comfortable, modern mini-bus or full-sized bus equipped with all the in-demand high tech capabilities your group prefers. Today, its impressive connectivity features make WiFi a highly desirable option for most chartered excursions. Built-in communications capabilities in the vehicle assist sponsors as they strive to furnish pleasant infotainment options for their members, for instance. Whether your passengers choose to listen to streamed music or educational content, or to watch video presentations while traveling, the availability of these options promotes satisfaction. You’ll appreciate the great feedback you receive as a charter sponsor by taking the time to ensure your group members obtain access to all the technology and communications charter bus outlet features they prefer. During previous eras, passengers sometimes regarded riding on a chartered bus as a boring experience. Today, the trip itself should prove both relaxing and very enjoyable!


We pay attention to the technology needs of passengers and want to provide the services you desire to ensure a comfortable, dependable, and connected ride. By hiring a luxurious California Charter Bus Group vehicle, you’ll make a wise investment in your trip ahead!


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The Best Reasons to Rent a School Bus for Your Wedding

Every bride wants to make her wedding day a memorable day, for herself and her guests. There are so many great ideas for how to make your wedding day amazing and it can be a challenge to pinpoint the most important elements to include. Your wedding day transportation will make all of the difference in your guests’ overall experience, and renting a school bus will make it a day they won’t soon forget.


The Ceremony

Of all of the things the guests will cherish and remember the most, it is your ceremony. Seeing the expressions of love on your faces and sharing in your special moment is a once in a lifetime experience. Many recently married women report that the details that went into planning the ceremony really paid off when it came to making the wedding memorable.

Getting to the wedding ceremony site on time and in style is essential. By renting a school bus, you can give your wedding a fun and whimsical touch. Your bridal party will love bouncing around town in your school bus adorned with wedding decorations. If you have a large wedding party, a school bus means that there is room for everyone, with space to spare.


The Photos

Of all of the things that will have a lasting impression, your photos are at the top of the list. You will be able to look back at them for years to come, remembering the wonder and emotion of your day. Having your school bus as a backdrop for your photos will make your photos even more amazing. Imagine having the yellow painted bus as a focal point against your dress and that of your bridesmaids. A yellow school bus is the excellent complement to fall photos, and has a sunny personality in summer pictures. Your photos will recall memories of school days and will serve as not only a prop in your pictures, but nostalgia about life as well.

Many brides and grooms find that school buses make it easier to get the entire bridal party to photo locations following the wedding. Instead of waiting for every member of the bridal party to get into their cars and drive individually to another location, they simply use the school bus and travel together. This means you can get pictures taken quicker and spend more time mingling with guests at your reception.


The Reception

The reception is the time to kick up your heels and celebrate your union with your friends and family. One of the things that guests most appreciate is transportation from the ceremony site to the reception site. If you are not holding your wedding and reception in the same place, consider hiring a school bus to transport your guests. Since school buses can hold up to 58 passengers, you will only need a few buses, even if you have a large wedding. For guests with mobility issues, you may hire smaller motorcoaches, or school buses that can accommodate wheelchairs. When you are considering ways to make it easy for your guests to get to your reception, consider a wedding school bus rental.

Guests love not having to get back into their cars to drive to another location after your wedding. By providing a means of transportation, your guests will be able to enjoy themselves at your reception and enjoy alcohol without worrying about immediately driving home.


The Pre-Wedding Parties

The pre-wedding parties are a way for the bride and groom to enjoy a few last celebrations before settling into married life. Renting a school bus to transport you and your fellow party goers around town is a fun way to get to your destinations safely. Wedding school buses are also great if you plan to be drinking and don’t want to worry about designating a driver. Your friends will have a great time taking photos in front of the bus and sharing their photos on social media.

Some brides will also use school buses on the day of the wedding to transport everyone to wedding day appointments. They use the buses to transport everyone from the hotel to the nail salon, hair salon and to pick up dresses and accessories for the wedding. They may also use them to pick up other members of the wedding party like parents of the couple, flower girls, ring bearers and other attendants. A school bus is not only fun, but functional, especially on a wedding day when time is short.

Some brides and grooms schedule bachelor and bachelorette weekends that take them on getaways where they can bond and enjoy a fun experience before the wedding. School bus shuttles and transport are best for local transport; we suggest no more than two hours away from your departure to location. There are two major amenities that school buses lack…air conditioning for the hot months, and bathrooms for your guests.  School buses are best for short trips only.


Wedding School Bus Rental and Parking

If you are having your wedding in a city location that has limited parking, you can use school buses as shuttles to take your guests from parking lots to the ceremony and reception site. Because school buses can hold up to 58  guests at a time, you can avoid guests having to wait as buses fill up. Schedule the buses to pick up at the parking lot at designated times to make it easier for your guests to get to the ceremony on time. Nobody wants to be driving around looking for parking and miss the ceremony. Rent buses and give your guests the peace of mind that their cars are safe and that they can get to the ceremony on time.

When you want to enjoy a memorable wedding that neither you or your guests will soon forget, consider a school bus rental for wedding. Whether you want to use it to get the bridal party to the church on time or to transport your guests to the reception site, you will find that school buses are both fun and convenient. Rent your wedding school bus today.

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Charter Bus Bathrooms: Travel in Greater Comfort Across California

Consider Hiring a Modern Bus

If your group has considered hiring a charter bus for trips in California, you’ve probably noticed California’s Charter Bus Group. We furnish buses and mini-buses of many sizes, including vehicles equipped with bathrooms. Including this important amenity can contribute significantly to the comfort level of your passengers and staff. Today, anyone taking a trip to go skiing in the Sierra Nevada Range or to visit a casino or other recreational facility must consider the importance of public accommodations. Some individuals, especially seniors, may require access to bathroom facilities frequently for medical reasons. A long bus trip becomes much easier and hassle-free when people on the bus can depend upon the immediate availability of a clean, modern restroom on-board the vehicle. By making a decision to select a bus charter company which furnishes a clean, modern charter bus bathroom in the rental vehicle, your enterprise or organization demonstrates concern for the well being of its customers. Your decision to spend a bit more to provide a higher level of personal comfort will please your passengers with on-board bathrooms!


Reduce Delays

One very practical reason for making sure your charter vehicle includes one or more bathrooms on board the vehicle involves adhering to a charter tour itinerary. You may discover that in the absence of furnishing this important amenity, your tour must provide frequent stops to accommodate passengers. This situation involves two distinct drawbacks. First, pulling over repeatedly for restroom breaks delays the group’s arrival at an intended destination, often by a considerable period of time. Since many tours depend upon the services of staff members who work “on the clock”, the sponsor ultimately pays costs associated with these periodic delays in the form of additional salary expenditures. You may need to budget for a longer charter trip if your group requires numerous rest stops during the course of a long journey. Second, some parts of California still include extensive stretches of remote countryside. This situation may require your tour to detour miles out of its way in order to locate suitable accommodations for a large group seeking a restroom break. If instead you make clean, modern bathrooms available on the bus itself, your group may avoid the need for extended layovers and detours from the travel route. You’ll reduce bus fuel expenses and enjoy the ability to follow a more direct route to your group’s ultimate destination. Allow your passengers to appreciate the beauty of the California countryside while you select more direct, scenic roadways without having to consider the availability of bathroom accommodations when refueling the bus!


Avoid Discomfort

Of course, probably the most important reason to choose a California Charter Bus Group vehicle with on-board restroom facilities relates to your organization’s interest in furnishing a very comfortable tour vehicle for your passengers and staff members. Most people have experienced the discomfort of having to use the bathroom unexpectedly. During a group excursion, potentially embarrassing situations arise sometimes when a charter bus operator fails to furnish this important amenity on the vehicle. By making a modern, sanitized restroom available for the comfort and convenience of your group, you’ll contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of the tour. You’ll also gain the flexibility to transport passengers who might otherwise hesitate to sign up to participate in a chartered tour. For instance, some seniors enjoy spending leisure time at casinos or ski lodges. Yet many of these individuals take prescription medications which may necessitate frequent access to bathrooms. By ensuring that your chartered vehicles supply this essential amenity, you’ll enhance the popularity of your tour packages and sell more tickets! Caring for the well being and comfort of your passengers ultimately translates into a smart business practice. Additionally, although (unfortunate) medical emergencies rarely occur during travel, it can sometimes prove exceedingly important to possess ready access to restroom facilities. If for example one of your guests become acutely ill and begins vomiting, you’ll appreciate your foresight in selecting a bus with an immediately accessible bathroom. Don’t overlook the importance of including this amenity when your review prospective charter buses!


An Intelligent Business Decision

The selection of a charter vehicle equipped with a charter bus bathroom assists charter tour staff members, as well as passengers. Unlike people attending a fun recreational excursion, these individuals carry responsibilities during the journey. They need to remain available (and accessible) to respond to passenger inquiries, troubleshoot problems arising during the trip and resolve complaints quickly. You won’t know how many demands passengers in the group will impose upon these individuals when the charter sets out! Especially if you transport a group of people requiring assistance from staff members, such as medically frail individuals or guests who require translation services, you’ll want to take steps to ensure your staff members remain responsive during stops. They cannot pay attention to your customers effectively if they find themselves waiting in long lines for extended periods simply to access a restroom! By selecting a well-furnished, modern charter bus from the Charter Bus Group, you’ll gain the assurance that your employees and volunteers can use bathroom facilities during the journey conveniently. When they perform their jobs during the excursion, they’ll enjoy the ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand without distractions. Wise business planners give serious consideration to the comfort levels of these individuals during chartered tours! Make the commitment now to support your excellent staff members and volunteers by providing them with genuinely comfortable travel accommodations.


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